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Management Systems for Little and Medium Companies
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  • MECAR has developed five management products for little and medium companies:

    1. Organizing and Searching System for Drawings and Spare Parts
    2. Budget and CRM
    3. Statistic Sales Management System.

    4. Contact
      (Buying Orders - Remitos - Internal Request - Invoices - Submits - Paying Orders
      - Checks - Compatible with "Capataz" and "Tango"

    5. Industry Time Control System

    The Organizing and Searching Systems for Drawings, Spare Parts and Budgets are targeted to little and medium companies who own lots of machine drawings, lots of spare parts, and lots of hardware articles. Besides, the relationship between these categories may be complex.
    . In Example:
    There may be some sub-assemblies that be used in more than one machine; these may be sold to different customers with little variations, or there may be typical or detailed drawings drawings that submit to different customers in some cases but not in others. It makes this type of information management very difficult and sometimes impossible without an adecuate informatic system. It's important to clarify that once you've setup the system (Both in the case of drawings as the case of Budgets), you can find the document in seconds.

    The Statistic Sales Management System is a program targeted to evaluate and planning the process of sales, and it's goal is to elaborate two essencial sale documents:
    The Executive Summary and The Aleatory Sales Simulation.


    Organizing and Searching System for Drawings and Spare Parts.

    Directly from Drawing

    to Database.

    Budget and CRM

    Directly from Word Processor

    to Database

    Statistic Sales Management System

    Situation Analysis

    Executive Summary


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